Great Partner

A cooperation with IFLS Corporate Services Ltd brings many benefits. Firstly, deal and recommend customers to the world's largest financial licensing acquirer.

Secondly, professionalism, knowledge in banking and legal matters, compliance as well as in company setups will convince you for sure.

White Label

In your corporate design.

You receive permission to use all advertising materials, application forms, due diligence questionnaires etc in your own label with your logo and your corporate identity.

Your clients will never deal with us directly, except you wish so. You will receive a dedicated support to all questions and you can respond the way you like to your customers.


Decide for yourself what conditions and prices you charge your customers for company formation and consulting.

You know your customers the best. You receive attractive reseller conditions as a professional partner.

Alternatively, we can also invoice your desired amount to the customer and you will receive the overhead from us.


You will be served by a professional in-house consultant via email, skype, whatsapp or telephone. Due to the time differences, we are available Mon-Fri from 5 am to 12 noon CET.

You receive the direct communication for all your customer related matters directly first hand and can independently update your clients.

Cooperation & Affiliates for CSPs, lawyers & consultants.

Partnership and Affiliates. Become an Official IFLS Introducer.

Are you a professional corporate consultant or lawyer or Corporate Services Priovider? 

Then talk to us and we'll discuss the possibility of a partnership and collaboration to offer you exclusive Free Trade Zone benefits for your customers.

The unique licensing solutions of Georgia can not only mean a turbo for your business, but also significantly strengthen your standing in your market and give new options to be different.

We handle everything professionally for you. The establishment of free trade zone companies, the opening of bank accounts and the express dispatch of all documents are guaranteed to delight your customers and ensure you an attractive additional income. 

All white label under your Corporate Identity.

Benefits of a Collaboration:

Free Trade Zone Partnership.

A cooperation with IFLS Corporate Services Ltd will bring you many benefits and enables to work as a professional under your own brand, your own company and using your great standing. Get all know-how through the back door and excite your clients with the new products Georgia is offering.

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IFLS Group is not a bank, nor does it provide banking services. IFLS Group offers international company formation, corporate administration services, and bank/broker introductory services and account opening assistance. This website is only used for promotional marketing purposes of IFLS and is not intended to portray that this is the site of a bank. All prospective clients should consult a properly qualified tax professional in their own country to determine their own tax implications prior to embarking on any strategy described in this website. Since laws in each country are different, constantly change and can be subject to different interpretations by courts of law, any information herein regarding tax minimization needs to be verified by such competent counsel. 
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Due to our internal guidelines to prevent fraudulent activities or violations of our internal AML policies we are regretting that we do not provide consultations, email support, on-boarding activities and customer care to Russian, Ukranian and Indian citizens or companies based in one of those three jurisdictions. The same applies to all OECD black listed countries and their citizens / entities