FreeZone Licence

You will receive a Free Zone license plus a business license that clearly reflects the purpose of your business activity.


Your financial activities are clearly permitted under the license given. Work legally correct alongside companies that are subject to harsh regulations and enjoy a real competitive advantage.

Enjoy The Benefits Of A
Georgian Free Trade Zone Company.

Activities, e.g.

Possible Activities:

Offshore Forex*

Asset Management*

ICO Launches

Crypto Exchange*

Crypto Trading*

Collective Investment Scheme Activities*

Private Equity*


Token Sales

Crypto Wallet Services*

Import / Export

IT Services

Blockchain Dienste*

 *marked: Activities to be offered for citizens outside the Republic of Georgia and within the Free Zones. 

100% tax free

Benefiting from their establishment in a free trade zone, all companies receive a permanent 100% tax exemption immediately upon establishment.

Thus, you can also pay business expenses directly from the company's accounts, meet rental obligations or settle other bills.

Funds that remain in the Free Zone Company account remain tax free.

Super Quick

Your Free Zone Company is set up within 48 hours after the required original documents are received by our law firm in Georgia.


Further only 12 - 24  days in days will be needed to finalize the account opening as well as the granting of the operating licenses.


The complete set of documents incl. Bank VISA Card, account receipts and Digipass will then be sent to you by courier​ DHL Express or UPS.

The Free Zone License For Financial Providers & IT / Crypto Companies

The Free Zone License for Financial and IT & Crypto Businesses

The financial license from the Kutaisi Free Trade Zone of Georgia allows for the provision of global financial services and banking-related services within the Free Trade Zone.


The Free Zones can be considered as a state in the state, which in addition to a special entrepreneurial freedom of movement, a complete tax exemption, far-reaching facilitation in the transfer of international funds and an outstanding infrastructure score points.


Unlike in the free trade areas in Labuan, Ras Al Khaimah, or Port Klang or Hong Kong, IFLS Corporate Services Ltd can guarantee the necessary account openings at fully regulated Georgian banks - without having to travel personally (incl Currency in EUR, USD, GBP and GEL, VISA Card).


The exemption from any kind of corporate taxes comes with an exemption from auditing and accounting obligations.


In addition, for the first two years no license fee for all Free Zone companies are to be charged. Thus, Free Zone companies are also extremely budget friendly.

Financial License and Facts:

Free Zone ServicesPack:

Setup and Incorporation Procedure

  • Free Name Checks with the Registrar of Companies

  • Due Diligence Checks in-house before the application and company setup launch will take place

  • Certfified Translations of all your submitted notarized documents from German, Englisch, Spanish, French and Russian into Georgian language

  • POA Setup (Power of Attorney) to be given to our legal partner in Georgia to arrange company formation, licensing, bank account openings - without travelling to the country

  • Registry extract in Georgian + English translation

  • Official Office Address within the Free Trade Zone Kutaisi (first years costs already included)

  • Opening of multi currency bank account with dedicated IBAN  account number and your company as account holder. Shipping of all documents via safe courier service incl. the Online Banking Details, Debit Cards, Digipass

  • Operation License within the Free Zone and additional permission to conduct financial services

Required Documents from the client

  • Notarized Certified True Copy of passport with apostil

  • Signed POA (erhalten Sie von uns), notarized with apostil

  • Completed Due Diligence Questionnaire online (link will be provided after your GO and order confirmation)

Licensing Process

  • Company Setup as LLC (Limited Liability Company)

  • Application launch with Free Zone Management:

  • Setup of short business plan

  • Due Diligence Approval by our Georgian legal partners

  • Activity Description Preparation

  • Setup of AML Manuals (OECD Standard) to prevent Money Laundering. Setup of own policy.

  • Setup of simplified Terms and Conditions

  • Setup of simplified Privacy Policy

  • Launch of application to receive the Free Zones Certificates and the business license

  • Preparation of legal confirmation about the business activities

Additional Services (optional)

  • Nominee Directors and Shareholders

  • Setup of merchant account with SEPA Payment Provider, to gain SEPA access

  • Introduction to software developers for CRM and account management systems 

  • Introduction to EU regulated FX brokers

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Free Zone Exposure

In order to receive all information incl. legal background information, time frame and detailed pricing plan, request here for free our exposure. All conditions, information about the free trade zones and our additional services are clearly described. We appreciate your request to get your new licensed Free Trade Zone Company up and running as soon as possible

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